'The Lulu Show'


"One of the more recent shows we have done that particularly comes to mind is 'The Lulu Show' at Upper Hayford where we were asked 'which one of you was it that got Lulu drunk?' They were trying to sober her up before she went on! Honestly...what member of our team would do that? Seriously though, she did a great show and we all really enjoyed working with her."



'Any Raymond Froggatt songs?'


Jon was often asked at his shows if he sang any Raymond Froggatt songs.  Jon's response would be, "No, because he doesn't sing any of mine!"

'You're not a real cowboy!'


A man dressed in cowboy gear complete with holster and guns approached Jon at a festival he was appearing at and asked him whether he could do 'Ghost Riders In The Sky'. Jon politely replied that they in fact didn't do that one. Apparently the man turned to him and said, "You're not a real country singer if you don't sing Ghost Riders In The Sky!" Dad replied, "And you're not a real cowboy!"

'Dolly Parton's famed assets!'


Jon used to say that whenever he was in the company of Dolly Parton he just couldn't help but gaze down at her famed assets! After all she was so short and most people towered above her! One time she caught him looking and said to him, "Hey Jon, would you like to feel one?" He was really embarrassed but he later found out that she was a right tease and used to use that line alot! 

'A laugh a minute with Tommy Cooper'


Jon did a show at a golf club with comedian Tommy Cooper. After the show Tommy needed to be driven back to the local railway station and Jon was asked if he didn't mind running him there in his car as it was only a few minutes down the road. He was told that Tommy would look after him!! When Jon saw him off at the platform...Tommy stuck his head out of the passenger door window and said, "Thanks ever so much Jon." He placed something in Jon's top pocket, what apparently felt like a few folded bank notes and said, "Have a drink on me." When Jon walked back to the car and checked his pocket, he found Tommy had put a teabag in there!

'Marvin Rainwater's mini-bar'


Jon used to work with Marvin Rainwater alot. On one tour, Marvin stayed with Jon at his home. Marvin spotted Jon's display cabinet of collectable alcoholic miniatures and mistook it for a mini-bar that he was accustomed to finding in many hotel rooms! Subsequently, he helped himself to quite a few!! As you can imagine, Jon was not at all pleased!!